XYZdims aka “3 dimensions explored” started first as personal blog February 2018 at spiritdude.wordpress.com and in November 2019 moved to XYZdims.com, where I document and publish 3D printing relevant developments of hardware and software, like in the comprehensive blog.

Some of my works of the past years:

Additionally I provide services around the topics as featured.

René K. Müller (LinkedIn)

Big Picture

All my efforts are about tight integration of modeling, slicing and printing (click & zoom in afterwards):

What has started as a simple script, Print3r, now plays the central role to coordinate all conversion stages and complex printer profile handling – and as most of the software is command-line oriented with quasi built-in protocol logging within the terminal unlike with GUIs. This approach helped me to handle the growing complexity of the framework.

Ideas to Actual Applications

The idea and plan . . .

the 3D printed results . . .

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