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I focus again on slicing procedures for 4- and 5-axis 3D printers, volume segmenting/decomposing and finding proper slicing procedures for those two. I suspect some of the findings will be "backported" to 3-axis 3D printers again, like the non-planar 90° overhang printing.

95° and 100° overhang (2mm thick) conic sliced model printed on 3-axis 3D printer #nonplanar #conicslices #3dprinting


Non-planar conic sliced model with 90° overhang, print quality not yet optimal as I still need to fine-tune extrusion transformations; the conic center is at the foot, all overhangs are conic layers from that foot away (watch video full screen). #nonplanar #slicing #3dprinting

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