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Since a couple of months I have forked mandoline-py: experimental Python STL/OBJ/OFF/3MF slicer, and extended it further to create actual printable g-code. @revarbat, original author of it has been ignoring my emails, PR, and twitter mesgs; here my fork

Anyone attending Swiss AMX Additive Expo Sept 14/15 2021 in Lucerne? #3dprinting #amx #amexpo Want to meet up? I'm there Tue & Wed, and attend @mwuethri 's #RotBot 4-axis presentation Tues afternoon as well.

10 years ago today I pushed the first commit of #Slic3r. It was the beginning of a long journey for me, for an entire community of wonderful creative people and for #3Dprinting in general. Happy birthday Slic3r and long live #Opensource!

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