3D Printing: Diamond Hotend Dual Short Fan Shrouds

Diamond Hotend Part Coolers Design Reviews:

The past months (2019/09) I used a temporary setup for part cooling as most designs I explored for part cooling for Diamond Hotend did not work for me – so I finally I remixed an existing design in order to use 5015 blower fans and the “BQ fan shroud”:





Screenshot from 2019-09-10 11-03-15Printable:

  • 1x diamond_cooler_shield_blower-2mounts
  • 1x diamond_cooler_5015-mount-inset-left
  • 1x diamond_cooler_5015-mount-inset-right
  • 2x bq_extruder_Tobera or bq_extruder_Tobera-clean(air outputs)
    • -clean​” version requires glueing but has no internal obstacle
  • optional LED strip:
  • optional (recommended):

Vitamins (Non-Printable):

  • 1x 5010 fan (main heatsink fan)
  • 2x 5015 blowers
  • 2x M3x16 (each 5015 mount)
  • 1x M3x14 (each 5015 mount, mounting bq_extruder_Tobera)
  • 2x M3x10 or x12 to (each 5015 mount)
  • optional: 4x M3 nuts (within diamond_cooler_shield_blower-2mounts)
  • optional (but recommended): Diamond Hotend silicon socks


  • elaborate setup
  • adjustable height (Z) for 5015 blowers


  • elaborate setup (same as ‘Pros’)
  • height adjusting only reachable when 5015 blower is detached
  • without nozzle socks don’t use 100% fan, but 20-30% depending on the 5015 blowers in use – otherwise it will cool nozzle down and you get “THERMAL RUNAWAY ERROR”


  1. insert M3 nuts into diamond_cooler_shield_blower-2mounts
  2. use 2x M3x12/14/16 to attach diamond_cooler_5015-mount-inset
  3. adjust height as you like (enable part cooler and check air direction)
  4. use 2x M3x16 to attach 5015 blower
  5. use 1x M3x14 to attach bq_extruder_Tobera and simultanously attach 5015 blower too

Fan Positioning

After a few tests I found the ideal vertical positioning of the fans:

  • most vertical top of the fans (like the above photos indicate) at 25% max cooling fan (your percentage may vary)
  • any other vertical position lower in theory should give more surrounding cooling, but in reality the air flow bounces back to the nozzle and cools it down (without socks) much faster

At a later time I may provide alternatives for the bq_extruder_Tobera air output.



https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3846993 (thingiverse is broken 2019/09)

How I Did It


Remixed in TinkerCAD


That’s it.