3D Printing: LED Strip Fan Mount

20190612_121717Early on I used this setup and extended the options further – a 50mm long LED Strip Fan Mount – which mounts directly on

  • 30x10mm fan (like E3D V6) or
  • 40x10mm fan or
  • 50x10mm fan

either below or above (changes distance) and lightens print head or print bed of a 3D printer.


  • printable LED Strip Mount (30mm/40mm/50mm fan)
  • 50mm long / 8mm wide LED adhesive strip
  • tape to insulate wires on LED
  • insulated wire or zip-tie to fasten wire
Screenshot from 2019-06-12 10-26-17-cropped

LED Strip Mount: 30mm, 40mm and 50mm fan variant


Step by Step

The final step you can decide to put the mount above or below the fan, which gives some flexibility. The mount is just 1mm thick so it won’t matter so much on the existing setup.



That’s it.