I’m available for following services for hire:

3D Printer Hardware & Software Add-Ons

  • you have existing hardware and need a special extension, add-on or refined tuning?
  • you like to extend some of the software framework or pipeline you already use?
  • or perhaps have hardware and require a tighter integration with the software?

It has been my passion and focus to integrate hardware and software tighter and extend existing solutions to my own needs and requirements and so I may provide you with alike unique solutions for your requirements.

3D Printing Consultancy

  • you have questions about 3D printing?
  • you like to purchase and operate 3D printers in your company?

I consult you on good practices, including 3D printer recommendation and software stack/pipeline to fulfill your needs and requirements.

IP Licensing

Some of my designs are in the Open Source, other more complex designs or software are available for licensing:

  • Multiple Switching Extruders: MSE Y2 (Dual) & MSE Z4 (Quad) (draft stage)
  • 5-axis Printhead PAX: CAD model, firmware driver (RepRapFirmware)
  • 5MF processor 5DMaker (early development): creates 5-axis G-code (usable for 4-axis and ordinary 3-axis FDM as well) – usable for small series production.

Inquery about conditions and pricing.


Contact me with a brief description of your requirements, or overall project you have in mind.

René K. Müller <contact.xyzdims/com>

or contact me via LinkedIn