3D Printer Hardware & Software Add-Ons

  • you have existing hardware and need a special extension, add-on or refined tuning?
  • you like to extend some of the software framework or pipeline you already use?
  • or perhaps have hardware and require a tighter integration with the software?

It has been my passion and focus to integrate hardware and software tighter and extend existing solutions to my own needs and requirements and so I may provide you with alike unique solutions for your requirements.

3D Designing & Modeling

  • do you have an idea, and like to have an actual 3D design of it?
  • perhaps in a parametric form so you can tune and create many variants by yourself?

I design parts using OpenSCAD and in parametric manner so multiple variants based on your needs can be derived from it by yourself if you have use of such.

3D Printing Consultancy

  • you have questions about 3D printing?
  • you like to purchase and operate 3D printers in your company?

I consult you on good practices, including 3D printer recommendation and software stack/pipeline to fulfill your needs and requirements.

IP Licensing

Some of my designs are in the Open Source, other more complex designs or software are available for licensing:

  • Multiple Switching Extruders: MSE Y2 (Dual) & MSE Z4 (Quad) (draft stage)
  • 5-axis Printhead PAX: CAD model, firmware driver (RepRapFirmware)
  • 5MF processor 5DMaker (early development): creates 5-axis G-code (usable for 4-axis and ordinary 3-axis FDM as well) – usable for small series production.

Inquery about conditions and pricing.

Research Colaboration

If you are working in the same field as an individual, academic group or a commercial entity and you think colaboration would be of mutual benefit, feel free to connect and explore how actual research colaboration can look like.

Physical Availability

I’m available in central Europe (Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Austria etc) for on-site projects.


Contact me with a brief description of your requirements, or overall project you have in mind.

René K. Müller <contact.xyzdims/com>