3D Printing: Ashtar D IDEX (Independent Dual Extrusion)

Status: just a draft


  • 2021/01/14: starting the draft, very experimental


After just few hours working on IDEX option for Ashtar K and Ashtar M, I thought to try myself on doing IDEX on the very delicate Y carriage on Ashtar D – and after an hour roughly I realized, perhaps it is doable.

The main idea is to reuse the NEMA17 shaft as axis for the idler of the 2nd belt, and use 3mm diameter shaft with 5-10mm length as extension, and stabilize the extension in the idler itself likely the shaft seems long enough by itself – the most space saving option:

If possible, rotate entire X motor mount / carriage and mount it on the other X side.


I had to color the belts and V modules, as I otherwise get confused while fine-tuning the design within such narrow margins:

  • X1/E1 in green
  • X2/E2 in red

I just love symmetry!
I just love symmetry!


Issues to Resolve

  • X motor-mount isn’t fully Y symmetric yet, it’s off by a few mm; needs some further fine-tuning until X2 motor-mount mounting holes align with V module, resolved
  • V module belt mount for X2 needs be adapted, as I can’t mirror it as that “back” mirrored is the “front” side where the printhead is mounted and occupied already, a new piece is required which mounts within the V module
    • dedicated piece ad_xcarriage_beltmount(idex=true) required
  • ooze prevention in rest position: some sort of metal sheet close by where the printhead’s nozzle can rest
  • mature Ashtar D design sufficiently beyond draft stage

As I progress I will update this blog-post, and update the Ashtar D project page as well.

That’s it.

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