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YouTube / Podcasts

3D printer design and operational dynamics is a complex subject and capturing action in video and analyzing and solving problems, along with Open Source designs, YouTube played a significant role to drive the Open Source innovation. A few regular shows arose out of countless 3D printing video blogs:

  • CNC KItchen (★★★★): detailed study of particular issues along CNC and 3D printing with Stefan, mainly reviews but also innovates
  • Podcast: 3D Printing Today (★★★★): excellent podcast on 3D printing (weekly), on-topic with Andy and Whitney, technical details and general review of 3D printing scene, not entirely up-to-date
  • 3D Printing Nerd (★★★★☆): feel-good more popular / entertaining approach to 3D printing with Joel
  • RCLifeOn (★★★★☆): remote controlled toys with 3D printing, great humor
  • Teaching Tech (★★★★☆): on-topic featuring many issues/reviews/how-tos on 3D printing, technical details
  • Chris’s Basement (★★★★☆): early reviews of new approaches, designs, hardware etc with Chris, quite informative
  • Podcast: Hackaday (★★★★☆): informative, but only occassionally 3D printing topics, worth considering for overall tech/maker news
  • Today’s 3D Print (★★★★☆): unboxing & assembling: follow for hours his assembling of chinese printers, competent, many details and hints are shared, be aware of crude jokes though with Nerys
  • Vector 3D: (★★★☆☆): technical discussions, good Formnext 2019 interviews with Adam, british understatement
  • Tom Sanladerer (★★★☆☆): experienced engineer addresses many 3D printing related topics since years, professional appearance, dry personality and presentation
  • Maker’s Muse (★★★☆☆): 3D modeling and printing, passionate presentation
  • 3DMN (★★★☆☆): reviews and how-tos, passionated presentation, feel-good personality, less technical depth
  • Meltzone (★★☆☆): with Tom Sanladerer and CNC Kitchen’s Stefan, was promising but early episodes were off-topic a lot, since episode #30+ better, still slow paced (listen/watch at 1.5x speed), verbose, hardly making a point on any topic, indecisive
  • Podcast: 3DPOD (★★☆☆☆): unprepared / unprofessional appearance, bad audio quality of recordings, professional & corporate guests unlike all other channels

Once you start to watch 3D printing videos on YouTube, its recommending algorithms will give you further content.