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3D Printer Ashtar M: Moving XZ Frame (Moving Gantry), First Draft


  • 2020/12/20: adding XZ arch option
  • 2020/12/14: initial post
Jon Schone: Moving Portal Mod

In April 2020 Jon Schone (@properprinting) showed a “Moving Portal” mod for his CR-10 – a Prusa i3 derivative – and I thought to adapt his approach as “Ashtar M” as moving XZ frame or moving gantry in CNC terms.

On a second thought, this approach makes only sense with larger beds, as the bed weight should exceed the weight of XZ frame and X carriage:

weight(XZ frame + X carriage) < weight(bed)

and as I compose my Ashtar 3D printer series with alu extrusions (beams) I can say:

weight(XZ frame) = beam X * 2 + beam Z * 2 + NEMA17 * 2
weight(bed) = X * Y

and it becomes here clear, the bed weight grows X * Y whereas XZ frame only (X + Z) * 2, but also 2* NEMA17 motors of the Z axis are part of the XZ frame.

Moving Portal / Gantry

A few still images of Jon’s YT video to look at some details of his approach:

First Draft

  • using solely 500mm 2020 alu extrusions (T-slot for general frame and XZ frame, V-slot for carriages: X beam, 2x Y beams)
  • trying to achieve 400x400x400mm build volume as close as possible, alike Ashtar C 38.40.36

Using for Y carriages existing vcarriage2 module with vcarriage2(width=100) to have it wide enough:

The two main new pieces required were connecting the Y carriage with the XZ frame:

  • Piece “A” outside ycarriage_xzframe_mount_a(): has to be printed with 0.1mm layer height in order to stay within the +/- 0.05mm tolerance, otherwise it will introduce tilt and stress on the Y carriage and cause long term damage – tricky part to print.
Adding side pieces “A” & “B”
  • Piece “B” inside ycarriage_xzframe_mount_b(): is quite elaborate already and should be functional, with the Y belt ends fastening with M3 screws and M3 nuts inserts, the belt endings will come out downward:

XZ Arch Option – Removing Lower X Beam

In order to gain some Z build space by lowering the print bed, I may reduce the XZ frame to an XZ arch:

Actual physical tests may reveal if it’s suitable to maintain overall geometrical integrity. Removing the lower X beam also reduces moving mass of the XZ arch/frame/gantry.


  • gain Z build space
  • reduce XZ gantry weight / inertia


  • decrease XZ gantry stability

Further Development

As I develop Ashtar M further, I will post updates on the blog here, and also keep documenting the current state at Ashtar M page.

That’s it.

3D Printer Ashtar M (Draft)

Status: just a draft

Ashtar M (Prusa i3 MG)
Ashtar M IDEX – Draft


  • 2021/01/14: Option IDEX (Independent Dual Extrusion), early draft (not yet tested)
  • 2021/01/07: Y motor and shaft extension with Y pulley holder added
  • 2021/01/03: Z motor mounts added, Y carriage to XZ frame/arch pieces refined using rcube()
  • 2020/12/19: new “XZ Arch” option (removing lower X beam from XZ frame)
  • 2020/12/17: change X carriage, routing X belt inside 2020 alu extrusion
  • 2020/12/12: first drafts, just a skeleton, details still to be worked out


Jon Schone (@properprinting) did a “Moving Portal” (MP) mod for his CR-10 in April 2020, and I thought to adapt his approach as “Ashtar M” as Moving Gantry (MG) using CNC terminology.

Instead to move the bed in Y axis to move the entire XZ frame or gantry – the rest of the Prusa i3 style printer remains the same.

Reducing Moving Weight

Ashtar M with Moving XZ frame using modular & parametric V-carriage

This variant only makes sense when the weight of the bed exceeds the weight of the XZ frame + X carriage, in order to reduce the moving weight as of inertia – so only for large(r) build volume this makes sense:

weight(XZ frame + X carriage) < weight(bed)

and as I compose my Ashtar 3D printer series with alu extrusions (beams) I can say:

weight(XZ frame) = beam X * 2 + beam Z * 2 + NEMA17 * 2
weight(bed) = X * Y

and it becomes here clear, the bed weight grows X * Y whereas XZ frame only (X + Z) * 2, but also 2* NEMA17 motors of the Z axis are part of the XZ frame.

The main differences of Ashtar M and Ashtar K:

Ashtar M (Prusa i3 MG)

  • static bed
  • 2x Y belts
  • 1x Y motor
  • 2x Y beams: V-slot 2020 alu
  • Y axis: 2x V carriages (each 3 wheels)
  • XZ frame is moving (do not add anything more)

Ashtar K (Prusa i3)

  • movable bed with simple sliders
  • 1x Y belt
  • 1x Y motor
  • 2x Y beams: T-slot 2020 alu
  • XZ frame is static (can hold filament, extruders etc)


For now I decided to use my V modules as Y carriages with width of 100mm vcarriage2(width=100) but actual tests are required how stable the moving XZ frame will be.

As you can see on the draft, I lose some build volume because I stack on top of the Y carriage instead within, but if I put the gantry / XZ frame between the Y carriage I need extra long X beams for the outer frame, and make it impossible to achieve uni-length design (same beam length for all); it’s all about balancing a compromise.

XZ Arch Option

The “XZ Arch” option is removing the lower X beam from the XZ frame, hence, extends Z build space as the print bed also goes lower – for now I moved the Y beams supporting the print bed on the lower framework, details how the print bed will be mounted not yet determined. The side piece “A” is a bit shorter, and side piece “B” is a bit more solid – the way the Y belt is fastened remains the same: Y belt ends come out downward, and are fastened with M3 screws & M3 nuts inserts.


  • Build Volume: ~380x400x380mm
  • Frame: 10x 500mm 2020 alu profiles (XZ arch option)
    • 3x or 5x V-Slot 2020 (X, Y and optional Z axis)
    • 7x or 5x T-Slot 2020

Issues to Resolve

  • Y motor & Y pulley holder, likely using 6mm smooth or threaded rod as extender, resolved, details defined with 625ZZ bearings
  • print bed mounting with adjusting nobs to level bed
    • optional remove lower beam of the XZ frame and make it just a gantry, would allow to lower supporting bed beams (space for springs and nobs etc) – but might introduce weaker XZ gantry geometry
  • Y Carriage to XZ Frame mount: either combine the L shape of XZ frame, or have a separate piece to attach – that part likely is the most challenging to get right, using two pieces “A” and “B” to connect to XZ frame with Y carriage
    • resolved in theory, but in actual implementation it will be tricky, as the piece “A” aka ycarriage_xzframe_mount_a() will be printed flat, and quantized by layer height, but the thickness has to be very precise as +/- 0.05mm not to introduce any tilt on the Y carriage (it would damage the V module and/or V wheels and introduce wobble Y-wise), hence 0.1mm layer height required for piece ycarriage_xzframe_mount_a() mounted outside, and ycarriage_xzframe_mount_b() (◤-like piece) mounted inside:
  • Z motor mounts, resolved: how stable it is needs to be tested
  • cabels & bowden tube routing
    • XZ frame moves as well – lot of motion involved – likely not put bowden extruder motor on it and avoid to add additional weight again
    • cable chain to ensure it bends in a controlled manner
  • positioning: controller, display, power-supply, optional: filament holder
    • none of them can be put on the moving XZ frame anymore
  • tuning to common to build-volume with uni-length beams
    • likely 400x400mm build plate achievable, but perhaps 380×400 printable, losing 10-15mm on left- and right-hand side.
  • XZ frame vs XZ arch: to be determined if it’s essential with actual tests
  • build printer
  • print tests
  • release parts
  • release code


Ashtar K & M bed mounting

The bed is stationary, so it’s relatively simple, a bed carriage it still required so the fine level adjustment is possible with some knobs – using the same setup as for Ashtar K.



Printable Parts

  • Y carriage:
    • 2x am_v_plate-2020-double-v-244-110-100w-a
    • 2x am_v_plate-2020-double-v-244-110-100w-b
    • 2x am_zmotor_mount
    • 2x am_ycarriage_xzframe_mount_a
    • 2x am_ycarriage_xzframe_mount_b
  • 1x am_ypulley_holder
  • 1x am_ymotor_mount or 2020_Y_motor_mount
  • 4x am_foot_hh

Non-Printable Parts

  • 2x 625ZZ bearings
    • 2x for 1x am_pulley_holder
  • nx pulleys (dimension not yet determined)
    • 2x (5mm hole) for 1x Y motor, 1x am_ypulley_holder
    • 1x (5mm hole) for 1x X motor
  • nx idlers (with 3 or 5mm hole)
    • 1x (3mm hole) for 1x X belt
    • 2x (3mm hole) for 2x Y belts
  • ~490-500 mm M5 smooth or threaded rod (Y shaft extension)

See the on-going blog-posts on Ashtar M development, with some more details than the overall page here.

IDEX Option

As Ashtar M shares much of Ashtar K design, the IDEX option comes easily – yet, adding a 2nd motor on the moveable XZ frame/gantry definitely pushes the limits of Ashtar M, significant forces will be applied at high Z positions while moving Y axis.

In order to run two independent printheads (Independent Dual Extrusion) following changes are needed:


  • 1 x xcarriage_short_hmount_motor_2020-endstop-idex-left
  • 1 x xcarriage_short_hmount_motor_2020-idex-right
  • 1 x xcarriage_beltmount_2020-idex
  • 1 x pulley_holder


  • 1x Nema 17 42-45Nm (39-40mm height) with 1m wires
  • belt ~110cm GT2 6mm
  • 1 x pulley
  • 1 x idler

As soon I tested this option I will document it in more details, like electronics, changes in firmware, slicer settings etc.