3D Printing: Ashtar Series Printhead Options 2021/02

The past weeks (2021/02) I worked on various printhead designs, to summarize and provide an overview by mounting them on Ashtar K:

Also improved the display controller to simulate Marlin firmware and list heads and tool selection (MSE), coordinates (IDEX) or rotation angles (RTN & PAX).

So far all options are available for Ashtar C, D and M as well, but currently (2021/02) are just in draft and mostly untested.

RTN and PAX promise printable support-free overhangs, yet no public available slicing software exists to really take advantage of those two designs, as new algorithms of volume decomposition, sub-volume sequencing, collision detection are required and mostly debated in scientific papers as 2021/02 and only few companies, e.g. HAGE and VSHAPER, implemented new 5-axis 3D printing procedures, and DotXControl advertises a 5 Axis Slicer.

That’s it.